About Us

Building Value for the Future at The Naval Connection (TNC)

Welcome to The Naval Connection (TNC), an innovative maritime consultancy that embodies progress, collaboration, and visionary leadership. At TNC, we are steadfastly dedicated to our mission of “Building Value for the Future,” driving change and empowerment within the maritime industry.

Our Vision and Expertise

With a legacy forged by Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee, a Master Mariner and certified Life Purpose Life Coach and Author, TNC was established in 2019 with a resolute commitment to excellence. Shoukat’s 16 years of sailing experience and over 12 years of shore-based assignments in India and South East Asia formed the foundation for TNC’s far-reaching impact.

Pioneering Innovation

TNC is a harbinger of innovation, setting new standards through cutting-edge virtual learning and communication solutions. The TNC Virtual Academy is testament to our dedication to enriching maritime professionals’ technical and non-technical skills, transforming them into empowered leaders who thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

Empowering Events

Under our Events and Activations division, we curate groundbreaking conferences, activations, and networking events that transcend borders. From the internationally acclaimed Future Skills Maritime (FSM) to the Technology in Maritime (TIM) conference, our initiatives spark dialogue, innovation, and connections that transcend geographical boundaries and help organisations to brand, engage and enhance collaboration with existing and new clientele.

Consulting Excellence

TNC’s Consulting and People Advisory services harness Shoukat’s extensive experience and expertise to offer comprehensive human capital solutions. From risk management to compliance and HR functionality, we guide organizations towards operational excellence and lasting success.

Digital Engagement and Connectivity

Our Social Media & Digital Promotions team propels brands to digital prominence, fostering engagement and trust across social platforms. We craft brand promotions, manage marketing campaigns, and enhance business reach, effectively bridging the gap between companies and their audiences.

Sustainability and Connectivity

TNC’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the i-Connect Digital Visiting Card. This forward-thinking solution reduces environmental impact while enhancing connectivity, underlining our dedication to innovation and responsible practices.

Sealink – Navigating Insights

Through Sealink, our interactive audio – visual digital publication, we foster a direct line of engagement with partners and clients. Sealink transforms communication, facilitating meaningful interactions and insights in a dynamic digital landscape.

Shaping Maritime Futures

As we stand on the cusp of the maritime industry’s evolution, TNC invites you to be part of our journey. Our collective effort, marked by collaboration and innovation, is poised to reshape the maritime landscape and empower professionals globally. Together, we navigate uncharted waters, forging a maritime future that’s bright, boundless, and geared for success.

Join us at The Naval Connection as we pioneer change, cultivate growth, and build lasting value for the future.

About Our Founder

Captain Shoukat Mukherjee

Founder & CEO, The Naval Connection

Shoukat is a Master Mariner, a certified Life Purpose Life Coach, and multiple International award-winning innovator for virtual learning and communication. He brings with him, 16 years of sailing experience on merchant ships with premier companies, combined with over 12 years of shore-based assignments in India and South East Asia in areas of Training & Development, Quality Assurance & Compliance, Business Development, Deployment of Strategy Tools, Marketing and Social Media Management, Digital Transformation, Leading Change Management frameworks, Talent Management and Leadership Development.

In 2017, Shoukat authored and Launched Maritime industry’s first book on Leadership Development and Team Building titled, ‘Mind Over Water’, a Best Seller and Benchmark for the Leadership Development in maritime industry.

He founded consultancy firm ‘The Naval Connection’ (TNC) in 2019 with a mission of ‘Building Value for the Future’ helping people to understand their true potential and achieve success while working on their strengths and weaknesses. TNC works closely with organizations to upskill their human capital which leads to a highly motivated workforce which in turn increases the profitability of the company.

Shoukat has conducted over 200 management workshops empowering thousands of people worldwide with unique skills; to lead dynamic teams and develop cutting-edge communication to break barriers and achieve success amidst disruption and uncertainty. He has helped hundreds of amateurs and professionals to become star virtual communicators through creative engagement tools. He is the recipient of numerous national and international accolades and awards which includes the recent ‘Innovation in Distance Learning’ award by the Maritime Trainer’s Guild (MTG) in Aug 2021

Shoukat is the founding editor of India’s first digital Audio-Visual Magazine ‘Sealink’

Who Are We

The Naval Connection (TNC) is a Consulting Firm founded by Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee in the year 2019. With a mission of ‘Building Value for the Future’ TNC specializes in developing technical and soft skills of seafarers and maritime professionals through innovative skill development interventions

TNC Virtual Academy was established in 2020 amidst the pandemic and has trained over 4000 seafarers in just 2 years

Our courses are divided into

  • Deck – For all deck officers
  • Engine – For all Engineers
  • General – For both Deck and Engine Officer
  • Ratings – For Ship’s ratings
  • Students – Special courses and lectures for students of maritime
  • Career counselling – How to join the merchant navy


We support our clients with Cutting Edge Solutions in areas of :


Skill Building

  • Skill & Capability Development programs
  • Technical & Skill-based workshops for seafarers
  • Virtual & Classroom Training through TNC Virtual Academy (Functional & Behavioral)

Events & Activations

  • Virtual & Onsite
  • Event Ideation
  • Global Seminars & Conferences

Marketing & Digital Communications

  • SEALINK- The brand company through India’s 1st Audio Visual Publication
  • I-CONNECT- One-stop eco-friendly interactive digital business card

Social Media & Digital Promotions

  • Customized solutions for social media & digital promotions
  • Enhancing your identity through social media presence
  • Social media surveillance
  • Brand building

Consulting & People Advisory

  • Consulting & Advisory on Risk Management, Operational Excellence
  • Safety & Compliance audits
  • Setting up and certification of ISO 9001 & 18001 standards
  • Internal audits
  • HR Outsourcing
  • Creating Crew Management Documentation (CCM)

Our Service Solution

We will enhance the technical & non-technical skills of your staff through state of the art and unique one on one & group led interventions. Read More

We ideate and curate innovative conferences and activations to build value for our clients and partners

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By creating a brand we help you develop the much needed TRUST with your clients

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We offer you complete HR functionality relating to human capital management

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i-Connect E-business cards are the all-encompassing, copyright, digital business card.

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